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sorry,since i'm new i may have posted this under the wrong heading.
hi! everyone
again thank you so much for all of your help and suggestions.i just gave my husband dennie some maalox to see if that helps.i'm also going to try the brioche.lainy,guess what? i do exactly the same thing as you do sometimes.when i'm in my car coming from the store or something i sit in the driveway a minute and just scream or sometimes scream while i'm're does help.i am a nurse but again when this happens in your own home everything goes out the window.i have researched and read everything i possibly could but have found that i need to individualize everything to see what works for dennie.i'm afraid that dennie now may have taken too many laxatives.nothing has been formed if you know what i's alot of water.sorry to be talking about this but this seems to be his major discomfort.i'm trying fiber,believe me seems to have gotten alittle worse over the past 2 be honest i'm concerned he may have a bit of an obstruction high up in the colon or progression of his disease.his liver function studies are usually elevated after chemo then come back to normal.they are slightly elelvated now but just had chemo on the 12th of february.boy,the scary part of all of this is that on paper you wouldn't believe he had cancer.he hasn't needed a pain pill for the past 2 days.he gets really upset and uncomfortable if he doesn't move his bowels for 1 day.when he doesn't he gets very anxious and starts taking laxatives.maybe--i hope i'm wrong about the progression of the disease--he just needs to increase walking.we live in western pa and it's very cold and snowy but maybe i can go for walks with him at the mall or something.from morning till night everyday he's fixated on his bowels.i pray to God and st.peregrine every night to give me strength,patience to help and be supportive to dennie but i have to be honest some days it's real hard........carol

Re: worried about progression of this disease

Hi Carol. I have one suggestion since you are in the cold East. How about going early to an indoor Mall and walking there. (oops I just saw you mentioned this) Lots of windows to look at too. One other thing that helps me. When Teddy was going through the worst of everything it helped to slam out how I feel in emails and also on this site. Just as you have done.  Singing helps too, in the car. I love Mama Mia and keep that disc in the car and when driving alone I swear I belt out like Ethel Merman!
Also singing makes you feel good. This is the strangest cancer! One would think his LABS would be off the charts, yes? If you saw Teddy you would never believe what he has gone through as he looks great right now. Heck, he looks better than me and has more energy than I do. I have found the best thing to do is to go with my gut feelings. Oddly, I have done well in picking doctors and knowing what Teddy needs. Maybe it comes from having to do for the last 3 years. Stay strong and unfortunately you too will learn what is working and what is not as each one is different. Keep us posted.