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Hello.  I am about to start the process of second opinions for my mom.  Have you had any experience with Washington University School of Medicine cancer physicians at Barnes-Jewish Hospital?

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Hi Susan, it is a difficult time in the process for you and your Mom, I am sorry for this. You're in our thoughts. My Dad was diagnosed in Nov. 08. The docs sent him home & suggested he seek out experimental treatments- so we immediately began pursuing second opinions.  In lieu of making visits to the hospitals, we sent overnight Fedex packages to the various establishments (after initiating contact with the offices)- of Dad's paperwork and a CD of his scans. With this information, most were able to provide insights and provide us with an idea of treatment options they felt they could pursue (chemo/radiation/resection). I don't have any experience with Washington Univ., but if you would like contact information for the principals that I initiated contact with (specific to Duke, Sloan Kettering, Roswell, Fox Chase, Mayo Clinic, Guthrie Robert Packer, Wake Oncology, NIH) let me know and I'll pass them on. Send me an e-mail through the e-mail link to the left of the screen- so that I can respond to with an e-mail attachment.

Wishing you the best Susan.


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I am a patient at Barnes Jewish. I can only say stop you need to look no further. They are the best. I was diagonised July 2008 and am on liver transplant list already. The onclogist, and transplant team are world known. My dr is Dr. William Chapman. If you google him you will be quite impressed. It took aprrox 3weeks from diagnosis tohave and start treatment plan. if you want to talk more you can email me at I can't tell you enough this is the best there is. Cathy