Topic: No drugs approved by the FDA for CC


Talked to Mom's oncologist today about the fact that she had to sign a waiver to get Oxaliplatin.  The waiver said that she would pay for the drug if her insurance (Medicare/ Anthem) would not pay.  Her oncologist said that this is pretty common, and that she will just have to write a letter to them saying that this drug is necessary.  The problem is that there are no real drugs "approved" by the FDA for cholangiocarcinoma.  Just wanted to fill in everyone on this information in case you run into the problem.  Sounds like the drs can do the trick.


Re: No drugs approved by the FDA for CC

I have United Healthcare and they are flat out saying no.  They want to see phase 3 clinical trials to show support for efficacy.  The oncologist wrote a letter, but they say they are working on it and will let us know in 4-6 weeks.  Meanwhile they have approved the Xeloda.  I will see the oncologist this week.  My story is long, but in a nut shell, I have not responded to the Gemzar.  While there is no visible spread, the tumor has grown.  The surgeon is willing to go back in and take the tumor out, but only if there is response to chemotherapy.