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In the excitement of writing about the Convention I forgot to mention that after the stint downtown we had Teddy's bi monthly ONC visit.  All LAB work from Monday could not have been more normal. Now he has 2 months until the next ONC visit and the next Urology visit. What's with this guy? I am beginning to wonder if he really had BDC! Just kidding of course but maybe they need to give injections of  Teddy to everyone, and he would gladly comply!

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Re: My Teddt Bear

Hi Lainy, great news on Teddy!  I just a assume that the news is going to always be good for you two.  my family could use a "Teddy injection" right about now.  I will settle for Teddy getting back out there tomorrow at the convention and promoting our cause.  Thanks for your hard work today at the convention.  Hope tomorrow is just as successful.

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Re: My Teddt Bear

Hi there,Teddys family is lucky to have him and he is blessed to have his great family.My mum is Teddys age and is rather invincible too.She is coming down for lunch tomorrow .