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My son and I are going to try a meditation group.We need strength to deal with my other son who has a mood disorder and we are all so fragile!

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   I think that is an excellant idea. I hope it works for you both. I think we should be open to anything that offers the possibility of helping us through these terrible times. Are you going to try a more traditional support group, also? I found that SO helpful in this healing process.

Cyber hugs to you -  Joyce

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Awesome idea.  I think any activity that can take you away mentally, if for only an hour, helps to heal and cope.  I would like to try yoga or medition, when I have more time  Now, between my son, my job, taking care of my dad and taking care of my mom and her emotional needs,  there is no tme.  I do mangage a few days a week to go running, which feels great to run and cry, which always ends up happening.

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