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thankyou Helen for posting a link to the charity you have set up in memory of Alan here in the UK - I noticed that you have a link to DC therapy and I thought it might be helpful to post it here under the DC thread as it explains clearly how the treatment works.  It is also very encouraging to hear that this treatment is being taken seriously at a respected cancer research institute here (we travelled to Germany to get this treatment for my Dad and I believe that it prolonged his life significantly without having to suffer harsh side effects).  Anyone interested in this treatment may also be interested to investigate the immunotherapy research unit at St Georges Hospital, London.

Here is the link:

ps - Sara, wishing you every success with your treatment
very best wishes, Jules

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Celebrated my 1 year survival last month!  But soon found out that the cancer had grown over the top of my permanent metal stent in the bile duct, and was choking off the flow of bile again.

I've been seeing Dr. Nesselhut since Sept. 2007, and had 5 treatments, with NDV and dendritic cells.  Can't do hyperthermia because of the metal stent.

My local doctors will try to get some tumor tissue when they put in a permanent extension of the stent that they placed a year ago.  But Dr. Nesselhut would like 1 cubic centimeter of tumor tissue to get the stuff they need to load the dendritic cells.

Dr. Nesselhut also said he now has a bile duct tumor cell line, which can be used if I can't get enough of my own tumor tissue.  I can't help but wonder if Geoff is the donor.  Whoever donated it, I am infinitely grateful.  I don't have much hope for the dendritic therapy to work on me without loading the cells, given that the tumor has been growing while I've been doing the treatment (unloaded).

I'm sorry to hear that Geoff died.  He was my inspiration to try this therapy.  Dr. Nesselhut's son, who is a doctor at the clinic, said that cholangiocarcinoma is a hard one to treat.

Sara Campbell

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It is wonderful hearing from you.  Are you planning on continuing with Dr. Nesselhut's Dendritic Cell Therapy, or are you considering other forms of treatment?  Again, so glad to have you back on the site.


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I got little chills when you said you wondered if it could be Geoffs. Wouldnt that be wonderful? It would be like a part of him is still here with us, being forthright and slightly optimistic and always fearless and practical. Thanks for a small trip down memory lane.

Anyway, I hope they get the cells they need to load the treatment properly. Keep us posted.


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Dear Sara,

I don't check in on this site very often now. Mainly because it just hurts too much.

I just wanted to respond to you.  I feel very emotional having just read your posting.  It is very likely that my Dad is the donor.  I feel very comforted knowing that you are the recipient and I know that my Dad would feel the same way.  My Dad gained strength from this online community and it helped him to not feel alone in his fight.  If he could do anything to help gain insight into this disease and progress towards a cure then I know that he would have wanted to be in there. 

Thankyou for sharing this information and I want you to know that I am thinking of you (and all my other friends on this site).  Lets beat this beast.

love to you all,

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Hello Sara,
Today I posted my introduction to this forum. You can read there about my husband Peter. I think you are going through a hectic time again. I hope the doctor can provide you with another stent, so your direct complaints can disappear. I would like to wish you all the best and hope you will be on this forum again soon. Thinking of you,

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Thanks for share  very informative detail.....