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Hi everyone,

I have read some about cancer screening...... I know that there is no real "test" that we can take to see if we have CC or most other cancers for that fact, but I was just wondering what your thoughts were.  There is a local cancer center which "screens" for cancer, but I don't really know what that consists of.  I know that most of the consensus says that CC isn't hereditary, but I don't know!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: Cancer screening

hi Amy

i have got a thread on screening and genetics but i find the discussion of same is not very popular on this website!!

If it is genetic screening you are talking about then there are tests for a variety of types of cancer, if your cholangio casrcinoms is caused by a defect in one or other of your "mismatch repair genes" then there is a test for this which some members of my family have undertaken.

If it is something that you are interested in there is plenty of info on the web. Most genetic testing programmes are (in the uk at least) preceeded by some compulsory counselling... primarily to advise you of the effects that the test and test result can have on you....psychologically that is...