Topic: Strange Ascites


Not posted in a while.  Recently Fiona has undergone some strange changes with her ascites.  During the night her swollen belly goes down a significant amount - not sure if we can measure effect somehow but its a definite trend.  During the day she fills a bit (getting bigger each day) but at night it reduces - not all the way but a lot.

The amount she is having drained has steadily reduced.  We were regularly getting 7.6L done each 8-9 days.  We then went to every 7 days to reduce the volume (she is only 40Kg in weight).  Since increasing draining frequency we have gone from 6.5 L every 7 days to 5.5L and 4.7L the last 2 times. 

The last 2 times were very painful for her - they are doing the tap from the front of the tummy instead of the side and it could be that or maybe something to do with the reduced volume.

She wont take pain meds, any ideas?



Re: Strange Ascites

Hi, that does sound a bit strange.  I know with my dad, when he was eathing and drinking and had  ascites, he would get bloated quicker and that would last most the day.  I believe he just wasnt digesting food very efficiently,  and that was  causing his abdomen to appear larger.
Pain meds would really help with the procedure....

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