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I am trying to find out if anyone has any suggestions for stopping the constant hiccups and burping my Dad is experiencing?  Here is a quick history on Dad.

* Diagnosed with CC on August 8th, 2008
* Unsuccessful liver resection at Mayo Clinic - September 2008
* Gemzar chemo for 3 months - December 2008 - February 2009
* Radiation and 5FU treatment - March 2009 - April 2009
* Completed treatment (for now) on April 17th, 2009
* Been very sick - Constant vomitting for the last 3 weeks
      *Doctors thinks it is the 5FU working itself out of his system
* For the last week has constant hiccups and burping
      * Says he sees to have to gasp for a breath and feels like food     
         is caught in his esophagus

Can anyone suggest something to stop the hiccups and burping as this is very difficult to deal with all day long.

Thanks and God Bless,

Re: Hiccups and Burping

I wish I could. I have had burping problems (and just general gas) since my surgery and I have yet to find anything that helps.

Hopefully someone can come long and offer some advice. It isnt very pleasant.


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Re: Hiccups and Burping

Hi Swarty, welcome to the site. My dad is also fighting this illness and was diagnosed last August. Sorry you have to be here. I'm afraid I cant help you with the hiccups, my dad never went through that. If you use the search forum function then you will probably find others who have experienced this and what did or didn't work for them.

Wishing you all the best.


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Re: Hiccups and Burping

Gotcha, Swarty! Teddy (husband) had a Whipple Surgery almost 4 years ago.  He had the identical thing. The nurses and visitors were so upset but after he hiccuped he would gasp. It was horrible to watch but he said it was not as bad as people thought. He found that by slowly turning his head to the left and taking a deep breath it dislodges the "bubble".  SO, when dad is hiccuping next time and gets the "gasp" have him turn in one direction and breath. See if that helps. The hiccups lated for 6 months and No one could help. Finally a friend of ours who is a Pharmacist said have you tried Brioche?   I ran to Walgreens and got some. Its in a blue bottle and is taken like Alka Seltzer. After taking 2 doses.....the hiccups just disappeared!!! Miracle in a bottle. IF you try this please let me know how it worked. Good luck.