Topic: Introduction

Hi, everyone.  I am so glad this website is here. My mother has been told she has cholangiocarcinoma as of two weeks ago. She has been in and out of the hospital since Aug. 29, 2006. Like most others on this site, she has been through the ERCP's and the drains being placed because of an elevated Bilirubin. Our last hope was the resection but we got the bad news the day of her surgery that it has spread to her lymph nodes and the pancreas. She in only 57 years old and was relately healthy before all this. She has said that she wants to try chemo and radiation if she can handle it. I am one of the two daughters she has. I am the youngest but because of my medical background mom has asked me for my help. I came down from Savannah Georgia immediately. My mother husband just pasted away two years ago from cancer as well. So there is not much support around her, besides myself and my family. Thank you GOD for my other half, he has been wonderful and he has become a single father for the most part, we have a 6 year old son. I just hope and pray that my mom has the time she needs and wants to do and say the things she wants too. Thank you all for sharing your stories and personal moments with me.