Topic: Question on Lung Mets

Hi everyone - my dad (64) was diagnosed with CC in April of this year. The tumor was detected by cell brushing since no visible mass was seen although some type of growth was generating clogging and he had serious jaundice. Unfortunately the doctors did find some noticeable lesions in the lungs that were later identified as mets from a primary adenocarcinoma (the CC).

After a stent was placed and his bilirubin decreased he started with  chemo (gemzar only). He has gone through 4 rounds and in the new CT scan there are no new lesions (or growth in the original, including the ducts).

Several pathologists have said that there is no certainty that chemo hasn't worked without further histopathology or a PET scan. I guess these are mixed news since he seems to be pretty stable and actually doing quite well but there is no visible reduction in the existing lesions.

Does anyone have a similar experience they can share?

thanks and best of luck to everyon.