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Once you get rid of the fluid from ascites, does appetite come back or at least increase?

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I would like to know that too Deb.
Was the draining painful and do docs give you anything to stop the fluid build up again? How much did they take out? My husband has liver abscess and ongoing infection - hard times!

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Hi Pam.
Well, my dad hasn't had it yet but he is going to have to soon.  He has absolutely no appetite so I was hoping that once some of the pressure was gone he would feel better and hungry again.  If you are pretty new here, you can find out a lot by using the search forum and typing in ascites.  I did that but I was specifically looking for how people felt after-wards and didn't really find the answer to my question.  I hope that your husband finds relief. I know that there is a drug everyone is talking about that you will definitely find with the search forum... it starts with an 'a', that they are using it to treat the ascites, and I know that they use diuretics sometimes too, and that it helps.  Make sure your husband is taking probiotics or at least eating lots of yogurt if he is on antibiotics all of the time.  We didn't do that with my dad and he got c-diff which is very bad.  They sell acidopholous (I think I spelled that wrong) in the drugstore too in a little pill form or a flavored tablet that you can chew, and hopefully your husband's digestive system won't get all messed up from the ongoing antibiotics. Also, a lot of people on here who have recurring infections and have to take antibiotics often swear by a product called florostar but I looked it up and it is too expensive for us, but the yogurt and pills seem to be working now and keeping the bacteria in his stomach balanced.  Good luck!

Pam- I looked it up and the drug is called Avastin so you can look under the search forum or even just ask your doctor about it. Or both smile

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Thanks for that info Deb. Yes we have probiotics and yoghurt on the go. I will look up Avastin now. I'm often afraid to look too far on this site - so much to learn but not sure if I want to!!
Eddie has just had a scan to look at liver to see in antibx are working. Got to phone on Monday. Must push for the ascites o be drained then push for more blood as his haemaglobin is down to 8 - it is a full time job. Thanks for help so far. smile

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Fiona, my partner, has bad ascites - 4.6-7.5 L removed weekly (she is 40Kg).  She found it hard to eat when full and the procedure hurt little unless the tube hurts on extraction.  She is able to eat well after the draining because there is no pressure on her stomach.  What has occured recently is that she gets a lot of pain after draining as the organs resettle themselves and that take a couple of days.  It all is going to depend on how often it fills.

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Thanks Rortmanns.  I am hoping that my dad will eat for once after getting drained!  Don't want to think about him having more pain, but I guess it is going to have to happen. I want him to at least be able to have pizza again a time or two. That is his favorite!

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One of the most amazing drugs my Mom used was an appetite enhancer called Megace prescribed by her oncologist.  We used to tease her that she was eating nonstop!  She was able to maintain her weight throughout the progression of the disease.  The medicine was in a liquid form and she drank 20 ml from one of the very small caps that looked like the ones that sometimes come on cough syrups.  It was pleasant tasting and she tolerated it very well.

Hope this is helpful.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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my dad had the procedure done only once and 7.5 litres was extracted.  He immediately felt relief from preasure the fluid was causing.  He was able to sit up easier and even walk a bit around the house.  He never really regained an appetite but that may because at the time of his procedure, the cancer was very prgressed.  I will say this, his acites never returned, infact his belly seemed to even get smaller.  Good luck to your dad for the procedure.  It will be worth it.

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My dad had it 2 weeks ago, and they removed about 2 litres. He immediately felt the relief and he has been taking diuretics called Lacilactone to prevent the liquid from building up again.

His appetite was also better, even though still not normal after removing the ascitic fluid.

Best of luck.