Topic: 10 months and still free of cholangiocarcinoma

It's been ten months since my whipple procedure and I am still cancer free. I had it done on ground day by Dr. David Mahvi from University of Wisconson Hospital, one of the best in the country. My tumor was just above the pancreas but far enough below the liver and luckily had not spread beyond the bile duct lining.

Does anyone out there know the prospects for living a normal life span once you have the whipple? Anything I find on the web does not offer much hope. Just about every article says re-occurance is imminent. I am 53 years old and would like to see my grandaughter who is 4 grow up.

Re: 10 months and still free of cholangiocarcinoma


I can't tell you any good statistics, wish that I could.  Your hope lies in making sure that you make enough life changes to stop the cancer from coming back.  Diet, would be #1.  I would suggest you work with a naturopath to help you change your diet in to one that is not conducive to cancer growth.  It is worth eating a little differently than you are used to, to be able to spend the rest of your life with your children and grand children.

If you do some research you will find that there are many things that they know affect the growth of cancer.  Attitude - if you do not have a positive optomistic attitude, start working with someone and make the proper adjustments. 

Exercise, you must exercise.  It is a statistically proven fact that those patients who regularly exercise have a much better outcome.

These are just a few suggestions.  I think this cancer warrants a complete life change because the statistics at which it comes back are staggering. 

Eliminating any unhealthy things from your lifestyle will give you freedom from this disease for an infinitely longer time than living your life exactly the same way as you did before your surgery.

Ofcourse this is my opinion, I just feel very strongly about the power of nutrition in healing and preventing - I'm sure that came through (haha).

Over and above all of this, any success with cholangio is cause for celebration!  Congratulations on being cancer free - we could not be happier for you.

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Thanks for the advice believe me I am working on it partly because I want to and partly becaus I have to due to the nature of the whipple procedure. I have gained some of the weight back I lost and I excersize on a regular basis. I also take milk thiscle, zinc and 1 ounce of Noni Juice per day. This I have heard is all good for the liver.