Topic: hello to all

I came across this site today because I just learned my younger (37) brother has been diagnosd with Cholangiocarcinoma, and my entire family is obviously devastated and at a loss as to how to best help, other than being as positive and supportive as possible.

He was first diagnosed with PSC (last year) and had a number of ERCPs in NY, all of which turned up negative for any cancer. His initial prognosis was for a potential transplant years from now (as PSC progresses slowly). However, upon seeing a PSC specialist at the Mayo Clinic a couple of months ago, he underwent another ERCP there, which came back positive for CC. They have not detected any tumors at this time that I am aware of.

For the past 2 weeks he has been at the Mayo undergoing chemo (F5) and radiation treatment. Following this treatment they will insert radiation seeds. Following that, they plan to conduct exploratory surgery to determine whether there has been any spread of the cancer. If it has not spread, they are planning to do a liver transplant as soon as possible.

I am wondering if any here have had a similar experience, and specifically, any insight as to whether a live donor is considered more preferable. My brother has said the doctor's believe a live donor is not necessary in his case, however I am not sure (having not spoken with his Drs. myself) that this is true, and there is a line miles long willing to be considered as possible donors.

All the best to all of you