Topic: Did you see "Farrah's Story"?

I finally watched it last night.  What a brave and beautiful woman, both inside and out. 

I didn't know much about her other than the usual gossip fodder, but she was truly a nice woman - loyal to her friends, devout in her faith, loving to her family, and brave in the face of the monster cancer.

You can't watch without crying, but you also can't help but admire this fiesty woman who was so much more than a pretty face.

Re: Did you see "Farrah's Story"?

I watched it a few weeks ago - she was still alive and battling the beast at the time. She was a brave and strong person, wasn't she, and she showed people, through her documentary, what the battle against cancer is like. Remarkable documentary, I thought - although it was tough to watch.

Joyce C.

Re: Did you see "Farrah's Story"?

I had searched for posts on Farrah and was surprised there had been no discussion. I admire her courage in putting that out there for people to see. She was, indeed, a valiant woman.

Re: Did you see "Farrah's Story"?

I watched it both when it first aired and then again after she had passed. I cried both times. She was such a brave woman and much more than the tabloids had ever described. She had more than just outer beauty. She is finally at peace and with God.
God Bless,