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I have had cc for 8 mos and chemo for 7 mos.  I have had 70% shrinkage of the liver tumor with Gemzar and Xeloda but I have mets to my abdominal wall.  I was turned down by insurance for a PET scan and SIRT.  Resection was reconsidered but 2 surgeons decided against it.  The only other treatment besides chemo would be external radiation;  however, I don't know if BC will approve it. I have read all posts on radiation and just wondered if anyone had anything else to add to the pros/cons of radiation.  I was told I had 8-14 mos and am now told I will have one more year since I am doing so well.  Thank you for your thoughts.

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Dear Barbara, congratulations on doing so well so far. At first Teddy's insurance put the nail on a PET Scan and  the doctor went to battle. Sometimes
the doctor can help a lot. You wonder what's up with these companies. Like do they think we want to go around having PETs and radiation for the fun of it!!! You don't have to put any time line on how long you have unless you have an expiration date stamped on the bottom of your foot. See if your doctor will go to bat for you. FIGHT!~and HOPE!


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Not sure if you have seen this post about fighting your insurance company: … php?id=729

Here is more information on the book mentioned in the post:


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I had external radiation at the beginning of my fight.  I think it worked for me.  It's rough on your body, but it can also prolong your life.

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External radiation with Xeloda worked very well for me. It REALLY walloped my tumors-- 2 1/2 years later, I have had virtually no tumor growth, and have gone about my life with no further treatment needed, though the tumors are still there. For me the side effects were pretty mild-- fatigue and heartburn. In my case  those were a small price to pay for several years (at least!) of great life. You should definitely consider radiation, in my opinion.

Peace, hope, and healing to all!