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Hello Everyone! 

My husband and I recently joined a 4 week class at our local hospital covering cancer nutrition.  That class is based on the book "The Cancer Survivor's Guide" by Neal D. Barnard, MD * Jennifer K. Reilly, RD and calls for what I call radical changes in what we consume (I am a meat and potatoe all american girl so it's especially overwhelming for me).  Basically, low fat high fiber and calls for cutting out all animal products & by products to include all dairy.  My husband has decided to give it a try so I'm game and along for the ride.  Besides...the receipes are fantastik and I love all foods!  Have any of you tried a diet such as this and if did it go?  I was wondering if anyone has followed such a radical diet and what it has done for them.  I'm hoping if anything this will be one form of attack in slowing  down the progression of the cc for my I know it will be healthier for both of us.  Your comments are appreciated.

Feeling like I'm in a crap shoot right now.  Soooo much many treatments/alternatives/medications!


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Hiya Karen!

Recently I've been trying to get my family to do something similar with me, but it's really hard if you decide to just drop the things you're used to eating all together. I would start by maybe incorporating some of the new recipes in with the old for a few weeks and gradually cut out things you shouldn't have, or replace them with a healthier alternative. I'm definitely a meat and potatoes kind of girl too, so slow changes, I find, are what work best. Since I started eating a bit better, I have more energy and I find the chemo brain effects me a little less then when I was eating all the crap food. I also try to take like a One-A-Day vitamin every day too, those help. big_smile

Really I commend you and your husband for committing to something like this willingly! It's like pulling teeth over here, lol. Good luck to you both!

- Katie smile

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Re: Experiences with dietary changes?

Hi Karen,
Well I just ordered the book from Amazon. Not sure I can get my husband to give up his meat and potatoes but at least we can check out some recipes and I can find some for me. It sounds interesting and I have been trying also to eat healthier, I really dont enjoy meat or the taste of it much these days but my husband does. Makes it hard since he does most of the cooking these days. Thanks for passing on the information! God Bless,