Topic: missing

it has been 3 month since my mom has been gone and i am still missing here and want her to be here with me. there are days when i miss her more  it is hard for me not to see here when i wake up and it even harder for me when i cant get a hug that she always gave me there are times  in the day  when all i do is start tinking of her or look at her picutr and i get upset she use to help me with everything and now she is not her i dont know what to do anymore are there any ways  that will hep me deal with missing want wating my mommy back

Re: missing

There are no magic words to say here, when someone is gone you miss them on many levels, you miss talking to them, you miss them physically, you miss doing things with them, etc. Looking at pictures can be therapeutic and you can talk to the picture. If there is a gravesite to visit, many find it helpful to go and talk to their loved one. Also, I can't remember if you have siblings but you should be leaning on each other, since we lost my mom just over a year ago, my siblings and I have been spending more time together than usual.