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It doesn't seem possible that last Christmas I was sitting with my family thinking life could never be better and just 3 months later I would learn that my mom had Stage 3 Type 4 bile duct cancer. Despite the luck that she was able to have the Whipple on April 9th, the complications that arose were unbelievable. She was in the hospital until July1st.  Early in August we learned that the cancer had returned to her liver.  She needed drains put in to alleviate the fluid that was filling in her abdomen.  She opted to try chemo and radiation.  She only had one round of chemo and two days later on August 21st she became disoriented and minute by minute, as we struggled to understand what was happening; her bp dropped and she was in ICU on full life support within hours.  It was a bad dream that became worse.  Doctors discovered that she was in septic shock and within a day all of her major organs had shut down.  My brothers, my dad and I were with her in her final moments of life on earth.  She drifted away peacefully.   I miss her every minute of everyday.  I have so much anger for this disease and can't believe that when she was diagnosed I actually was sad that I might only get a few years with her...less than 6 months it was!  She was an amazing person and the best mom in the world.

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We are so very sorry about your mom's passing. She is in a gentler place now with no pain and she is now watching over you. You are a wonderful daughter to have walked this terrible journey with her and I just know she knew how much you loved her. Mothers never really leave their children, you know. She will always be with you and if lucky enough, eventually you will see the signs that she is by your side. Our prayers go out to you and your family.


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I am sorry for your loss. Your moms journey sounded tough and proves what a fighter she was. She did everything she could to get those extra years for you, but for some reason it didnt work for her. I am sorry you had to see her suffer. She is painfree now and her spirit will live on in you.


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Hi, can I just add how very sorry I am to hear of your loss of your beloved Mum.

I know a little of how you are feeling, we have just lost my Dad 11 weeks ago, just 7 weeks after diagnosis of cc. He had surgery to resect his liver but sadly the cancer had spread and he never regained consciousness and died 9 days post surgery in ICU. Like your Mum he suffered total organ failure due to the surgery and the fact he was left with so little functioning liver....

As Lainy and Kris have already said your Mum is with you in evertyhing you do. You will meet again and then there will be no more pain or tears.

Peace to you and your family at this most painful time,


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I am so sorry for your loss, I can hear in your voice that your pain is very new. I lost my mom just over a year ago and this cancer also makes me angry, its cruelty knows no bounds, it is a thief and a coward and we must find a way to cure it.