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I am back again after several months of abscence. I had a nicely localised cc for a long time but after recent tests found that I have a new 4cm tumour on my liver plus spread in the peritoneum - on the abdominal wall and on the outside of the bowel causing me to have bad symptoms of reflux and vomiting. These symptoms are fortunately under control with medication becasue they sure made me fell very ill. When I saw the doctor he gave it to me straight and did not offer me any treatment. I, however was not ready to give up and because I was still doing well ( I still work full time I might add) said we could try another chemo option but he was pretty straightforward with the possible result- ie probably would not work! This guy is a bit of a pessimist, yes? So now I have just had my 1st round of carbplatin & etoposide - side effect very nasty- all my cell counts became diabolically low and I had to have a blood transfusion. I was due for chemo tomorrow but they delayed it by a week and will reduce the dose by 20%. I won't give up yet-I have 2 beautiful girls in their twenties and would like to meet my grandchildren! I still consider myself very young - NOT READY TO DIE!!! Has anyone else had mets in the peritoneum-  I'd like to know what happened. I'm not feeling to good at the moment so Europe looks a bit far away at the moment but I'd dearly love to have another overseas trip.

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Dear Judy you sound like a voracious fighter and that is wonderful so I am thinking its too bad you don't have a doctor that thinks like you. Have you thought about getting a second opinion as we highly recommend that. CC has no time frame and statistics don't work with CC so its very hard to give you an answer about time and what will work or not. We tend to be more scientific with gut feelings, attitude and a touch of humor! Perhaps your doctor has not treated many patients  with CC which is also important to know. I commend you about your wonderful attitude but at the same time would strongly consider another opinion. Please keep us posted.


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Way to go for standing up to your doctor and telling him how it was going to be!! I'm glad you are a fighter and that you are back on a treatment plan.
Stay strong!

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ME! At least I think part of it is there...Leroy is HUGE so he takes up the better part of my stomach cavity.

I not so fondly remember those symptoms. I have a very determined surgon here who decided my stomach needed to be opened up and attached lower to the intestine and avoid the area where the tumor was closing off my stomach. That was in January and I feel great now. Dont even feel like I have cancer. It has vastly improved my quality of life. You might want to talk too your doctor if that is a possibility.

Is there a chance at radiation? It was discussed as an option for me, but since nobody has given up the idea of possible future surgery to remove it, they have shelved the idea for now. Apparently, radiation at a surgical sight makes it more difficult.

I had a pessimistic doctor last week. I felt like kicking him. I might next time just to prove my "fighting" spirit. I firmly believe in honesty and being realistic, BUT that doesnt mean that any of us will fall on the side of the statistics they think. There is NOT a 100% death 5 year death rate. It is up to us to remind doctors of that if we want to keep up the fight. So you keep your doctor straight as to what you want. And if needs be, change doctors. None of us should be visiting a doctor that believe we are already dead.


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Some of the doctors seem to believe in the SWAG theory given the statistics of this cancer. They make a Simple Wild-Ass Guess, so I have no qualms rejecting the notion that I might not have 5 years. I'll listen to the doctors on a lot of things, but I don't want to hear numbers with a prognosis.
Louise smile

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What a wonderful expression, Louise!!!  Thanks for that - I'll reject all future SWAG statistics, too.  Occasionally, I come across someone's out-of-date SWAGs on other sites when I'm looking for something specific & it never fails to ruin my day (or a good few hours of it, anyway).

I do NOT want to hear numbers - which is why I was so pleased when my sister's consultant said "we don't do numbers, because we don't know".


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OMG Louise...thanks for the laugh of the day. That was a great S>W>A>G!


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Remember that 5 year statistics are ALREADY 5 YEARS OUT OF DATE when they are published!!!!

Two of my Mom's chemo drug were practically brand new. Think Nexavar!

There is always hope!  Never give up!  Read and memorize my signature line!

All of you are in my thoughts and prayers each and every day!



My Mom lost her one year battle with CC on April 3, 2009.

"A prognosis is simply an audit of how truly precious each day is.  Live each day to the maximum, celebrate what was, and what is - Don't spend your life looking forward to what will or might be." .... words of wisdom from my beloved son on hearing of his grandmother's CC prognosis.

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SWAG is so true!! They Drs really can't give you figures these days. I think my Dr has had quite a bit of experience with CC but I seem to have defied the odds which has bamboozled him. I will NEVER give up and I think he knows it now. I am feeling much better today so my cell counts must be on their way back up. Thanks for all the support. Perhaps if the chemo can reduce the tumours surgery or radiation may be an option. He was going to try radiation untill the peritoneal mets were discovered.

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Hey Louise - SWAG, that's really funny!

I made your cookies - did I get them right? They're quite like fudge in consistency? Really good flavour, though a little sweet for me. I did substitute xylitol for half of the sugar & wondered if that made the consistency wrong!
Apologies for not replying before & also to Gavin & Jolene for their good wishes previously, my broadband has taken it upon itself to decide when & with who I can do anything much online, it's caught up with this site now. Email & Facebook have been on the hit list for several weeks - I'll be changing providers very soon!

Having read lots on here this evening I'm currently feeling like a bit of a wuss. I haven't worked since early last December (certainly couldn't do the job I was doing & likely never will be able to again) due to the drains followed by the operation & the continuing wound infection - currently feeling yuck due to yet more flucloxacillin at a dose suitable for a horse  - it's been about 15 years since I had thrush this badly. Ouch.

And then I'll feel even more af a wuss for grumbling about thrush when there's such horrible symtoms going on out there.  My LFTs are still abnormal - that help?
In a couple of days when I've finished the antibiotics I'll be grateful for small mercies - such as;at least my still unhealed wound is not a fistula from a whipple - it's just a pain in the guts & a damned nuisance.

Thinking of all you guy & sending positive thoughts (I am really!) Val x

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Yes, the cookies are quite fudge like, and yes, they are sweet. Sounds like you did great. If they sit for a few days not covered, they do dry out a little, but are still tasty.
I don't consider any cancer survivor a wuss! And whether we admit it or not, we all have down times. So you've come to the right place to complain, just get it all out of your system and then enjoy life until the next time.
God bless you all!
Louise smile