Topic: Concerns with chemo treatments for my 84 year old dad

Hello everyone, I had this message @ my original  posting under introductions & general discussion then realized there was a topic for cheomtherapy.  I want to make sure everyone reading this wonderful website has a chance to read this & hopefully respond.  I've been keeping up with my reading of this website while my dad was receiving his radation.  He finished about 2 weeks ago & went thru it with no real problems. He has been tired & making himself keep up his eating.  I think he has only lost a few pounds.  He had 28 treatments.  He had his 84th birthday on Sept 1.  We went to see the surgeon who did his resection operation & the surgeon is very happy with the outcome.  We went to the chemo Dr. last week & he wants to start him on his chemo treatments: Gemzar 5 FU.  6 months at once a week for 3 weeks then a week off.  I am on the website now trying to learn about this treatment.  I am hoping I can get some feedback from other members who have gone thru this type of treatment who are older like my dad. My brothers & I have told him this is his decision.  The Dr. says if you want to fight & hope for a longer life, than go for it. If you have lived a full life & don't want to fight, don't do it.  I just wonder how much more time it will give him if he goes thru it or will it bring down his quality of life too much.  The Dr. said he can always quit if he doesn't want to finish it, if he thinks it's too bad.  He will go for a CAT scan in the 1st part of Nov.
Take care & God bless