Topic: need advice on fistula

My husband (37) had a whipple procedure in Oct 2007.  He still has an open wound due to a fistula.  This may sound gross to some but some of the liquid he drinks and food he its comes out this wound.  His wound on his stomache is 3cmX2.8cm.  The doctors are not being as aggressive as they need to be due to the wound.  We have tried various products and none seem to help.  The doctor said that it needs to be surgically corrected being it didnt heal on its on.  He said that if it hasnt healed after a year he wont, but they willnot do surgery cause he has to be off chemo for 4 mths tohave it done.  We cant stop treatments that long casue the tumor in the liver get a little bigger every 2-3 mths.  He was on oxiliplatin but it wasnt working so the dr started him on Sutent (which i havent seen anyting about on here).  We go Oct 6 for another CT.

If there is anyone who had experienced a fistula please let us know what helps control the drainage and the somache acid that leaks out from burning your skin.

Or if anyone has had a procedure to correct please let us know.

Dawn Langston

Re: need advice on fistula

Hi Dawn and so sorry your husband is having that darn Fistula. My husband is a 4 year survivor of a double Whipple (first one was aborted after 4 hours) and he will be 77 in October. He actually had a couple of fistulas but they healed on their own. Took months. In his 3rd month he developed a hole, inside at the resection and the doctor didn't want to put him through another Whipple so he went in to rehab for a month on nothing but an IV no food or drink of any kind in order to starve the hole and it did heal. Gosh, isn't this Whipple  something? I can't believe your husband has had the fistula for 2 years! The only thing I used to do to stop the burning when it leaked was by putting a very good salve around it to keep it off the skin. Sure wish I could tell you more.  I am thinking they have to go back in to repair it instead of just a topical repair. Please keep us posted.