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Hi all the UK members (& visitors) on here - have you seen the campaign that Macmillan cancer are promoting?

In April this year NHS prescriptions became free for cancer patients - have a look at their website. Your GP will have to countersign a form but hopefully that won't be a problem for most.

I've had a pre-payment certificate since January, which saves a lot of money - I wish I'd known about this before I got the last one - free is better! I'll be getting my form next week.

Best Wishes, Val

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Just a small point - the free NHS prescriptions, from April 2009, only apply to England.  Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland introduce or intrduced free prescriptions for all at different times.  Scottish charges have been reduced for the last 2 years and will be free from 2010.  My main requirement for drugs relates to Angina  so the earlier reduction and pre-payments were good news.  However, it is now good news all round, in a "Catch 22 "situation!!  I'd much rather be paying for my normal 1 or 2 prescriptios per annum that I used to need.

On a slightly different note, I assume you are aware of other benefits you may be entiled to due to your condition, such as Incapacity benefit, Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance, free travel concessions (busp pas etc).  These are also age related but there is plenty of info on Government web sites.

You may also be able to access the full capiatal value of any private pension funds or life assurance funds due to the condition's terminal nature.  This will depend on the terms and conditions, but well worth looking at.  The mony is better being ing your pocket than the insurance company.  If this does not apply, you can check your policies to see if you qualify for Premium Waiver Benefit, when the insurer will pay your monthly premiums on rour behalf.  Again, this is due to your condition and is certified by your doctors.

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Thanks to both of you for all this information!!  I'll be on the relevant websites asap!!! smile

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Re: Free NHS prescriptions for cancer patients

That is really useful to know. Thanks.


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Hi Ron!

Many thanks for clearing up the details on my 'one statement fits all' effort - I should have realised each individual parliament would be doing it's own thing!
You're right on it being a Catch 22 but I guess there has to be some compensation in this damned disease.

Thanks for the other info too - I was just thinking I should look at pension conditions - forearmed and all that!

I don't think the DWP are going to let me off the hook just yet - I have a medical later this month & an interview at the job centre for my 'Return to Work Pathway'........ Yes, well, just as soon as the wound is healed eh?

Thanks again, Val

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I found that this is a situation where it is useful to rely on the statistics.  Your doctors will have these to hand and will be able to quote them to the DWP.  From memory, in order to be fast tracked to higher rates DLA your condition is likely to be terminal within 6 months, but, of course, there is no need for this event to actually happen. 

It is similar with the pensions and insurances and any related premium waivers, although the time scale tends to be 12 months.  But each policy will either allow the claim or not, depending on how it was set up originally.  As they say "hindsight is a wonderful thing". 

I have found this a very useful site and a good link: … /index.htm

Of course at the end of the day, the decision to claim is your own and you may feel you would much rather keep things as normal and get back to work and enjoy your hobbies as soon as possible.  But it is good to be forearmed with information.

Good luck


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Hi Ron

Many thanks for the website info - I've had a browse & will set about investigating the relevant bits soon with pensions trustees. At least I'll know for future information & can get things straight - I'm feeling the need to get my life sorted out.

I would like (& hope) to get back to some sort of work in the not too distant future - just have to hope that the docs are right in my case but i will never take whatever time I have left (however long that might be) foregranted again- as we can see only too often on this site, you just don't know.

What's that quote about 'Lies, damn lies & statistics'? If it's only the statistics we can get to work for us then we must do just that!

Take Care, best wishes, Val