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My mom was diagnosed in May 05.  Had 1/3 of liver removed with clear margins and had not metastized.  They followed up with radiation and Xeloda as preventative.  Had run no tests until Nov 05.  Tests showed 3 new tumors in liver.  Was finishing with Xeloda in Dec 05.  They said lets wait and see what happends.  That was not good enough for us.  Went for a 2nd opinion.

Her new regimen at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is as follows. 
Through IV - Zosran 5 days ever 28 days for 4 hrs., Leucovorin 5 days every 28 for 4 hrs., FUDR 1 hr 5 days every 28 and she drinks Allopurinol so chemo doesn't absorb into mouth causing sores.

Interarterial directly to liver - Cisplatin and Mitomycin-C   1 day for 5 hrs every 28 days.

Naturopathy - Milk thisle, sensitizes cisplatin and supports liver.  Melatonin, reduces with loss and stimulates white cells.   B6, helps nerves and prevents peeling of hand and feet. EPA max, Omega 3 and helps cell signaling.  Green Tea Extract, tumor death associated with blood vessel formation.  Ginger Max, anti-nausea and anti-inflamitory.

Anyone else have similar treatment going on?

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That sounds like a very punishing regime. Has she started already and how is she reacting?
I wish her well and I hope that you are successful with this treatment.
Please keep us posted. All information is useful.

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My mom started her treatment 1/24/06 and finished 1/28/06.  She feels pretty good except she has developed some mouth sores and her lips are very swollen.

They said there is an 80% chance of remission and 30% that it will not come back.

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We have been considering seeing Cancer treatment Centers of America for my wife Dawn

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I understand how you feel.  After talking to them however, I felt that they have dealt with alot of people with this type of cancer including Walter Payton of the Chicago Bears after he was mistreated and misdiagnosed at Mayo Clinic.  Time is extremely important when dealing with cancer.  They told us things that her former Dr. failed to mention.

In a matter of 2 months my mom's tumors doubled in size.

I can not say enough good things about them thus far.  They are attentive and understanding.  They handle all travel arrangements and getting the medical records from the Dr.'s.  They know you have alot on you plate already and don't want you to have additional stress.

I pray for you and your family!!


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My mom went into the hospital on Monday.  Her blood cell counts were next to nothing.  She is in isolation.  She hopes to get out of the hospital on Saturday.  It is their 45th wedding anniversary.   I'll keep all posted.

My prayers are with you all.

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My mom was able to be home for their anniversary.  She is doing much better.  We went to CTCA on 2/20 and her liver numbers are improving.  Her bad mouth sores were due to the nurse not giving her Allopurinol before giving her the FUDR.  That will not happen again.  She is now on a clinical trial  RealBuild for her low cell and platelet counts.  She has lost her hair but generally feels really good.