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Arrived home yesterday and it was the worst day I have had yet. Pain kicked in that was unbelievable. I now have  that under control and pray it stays that way. Forgive my spelling but the Percoset is amazing. I will slowly have to play some catch-up here for a few days but  am writing to "my family" before even sending out a e mails to friends and etc. That is how much  I missed you.

A SPECIAL thank you to our special Marion for keeping you all posted and Teddy always made sure I knew that his "girlfriend" had called.

So far as I know this was the final report...the "new" tumor that was found with my colonoscopy the day before surgery was benign as well as all lymph nodes. I was resected where the colon and intestine meet. I think they meet there on Friday nights for drinks after work.  Robin (daughter) said they removed about 5 inches, not enough for a  tummy tuck.

The original "mass" was a low grade cancer and all of that was also removed successfully. I have to make an appointment today for 10 days from now and will know more how we are to proceed. Thank God I did the colonoscopy before surgery or they would not have found the new tumor and would have had to have a second surgery. It interesting that the Doctor went through my old hysterectomy scar and then about 3 inches higher. Scar looks better than ever! No stitches, that Elmer's glue is a miracle. 

One of the best things I did was not talk on the phone and no visitors. In fact I will not see anyone until tomorrow.  Everyone has kindly respected my wishes. Hope you can make out some sense of my ramblings, its am here, but I just wanted to say Hi!     

Kris: Hope you are doing better than when I went on my vacation!
Louise: Sorry to hear about the Merry Go Round ride you are having.

Next, we have an appointment with Teddy's RadMan on the 23rd to see how we will proceed with his "new" spot. My poor little boy sure has had a lot on his plate. On the 27th is his 77th birthday and he also will be a 4 year 3 month survivor of a Whipple. Know what?  Its good to be back!


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Welcome home Lainy!  You are an amazing woman.  Be good to yourself.

Wishing all God's blessings!

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WOW!!!! Your back.  We all missed you too.  Good to hear from you and glad things are going well.  Take care Lainy.  I'm hoping for good news about Teddy later in the month too!

Love You,

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I told you that you would get good drugs. Now I know you said you dont like to take pills, but PLEASE stay on them and dont try to be too brave and cause yourself pain.

We have missed you. I am so happy that things appear to have gone well and they got what they needed to. Call me forgetful, but what type of cancer was it..bowel, colon, intestinal, something with a scary name you cant pronounce? I am a little confused, anatomy never was my strong suit.

Take care of yourself.

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OH LAINY...HOW YOU WERE MISSED!!!  Rest, relax, everything you need to do to do nothing.  So happy you're feeling better.

Love and hugs from chilly MN,

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Welcome Back Lainy,

Been reading Marion's updates. Make sure you get plenty of rest and let your body tell you how much or little to do!!


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Welcome home!
I think my merry-go-round is slowing down. They did not send me for labs, which disappointed me. They did recommend a suppository and Gatorade. I've had 12 oz of the Gatorade, but the med infor sheet on the suppository said extra precautions for people with liver problems, so I haven't used it yet, not sure I want to, asked more questions and haven't gotten answers.
My liver biopsy is scheduled for Tuesday, and my PET scan for Thursday, with my next onc visit the following Wednesday. I've now had the 3rd dose of the 3-day azythromycine antibiotic, and finally starting to feel better. Never liked Gatorade, but either I really need the electrolytes or they've finally found a flavor I like. So far, it has stayed down, and so has my temperature.
I'm delighted the percoset worked for you! I've had it and do not like it. Apparently, the morphine/percoset combination is often used, but it caused me to have no memories of an entire day. That was the day Tom and I had several "conversations" from which, he bought a Cadillac, which I do not like. My medical records now indicate allergies to the two, not because I actually reacted to them, but because I would rather experience some of the pain and keep my memories. Tom said he had never heard any precautions against making major decisions while recovering from anaesthesia and I sounded perfectly logical in th conversations I cannot remember. Oh well, at least I rarely drive the caddy, our son uses it with joy.
How fitting that my 100th posting is in response to Lainy's coming home!
Take it easy and do not be in any hurry to resume being the rock so many depend upon. Let others take care of you for a few days. smile  smile
Love and hugs,

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Welcome home, Lainy!!!! big_smile


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I'm glad you're home and on the road to recovery Lainy, I was worried about you.  Take it easy and let yourself heal- we all wish you well!


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It's good to have you back Lainy. I'm glad everything is going well and the tumors were benign. That's great news. Just take it easy and relax as much as possible. Wow, Teddy is a 4 year, three month survivor! As soon as you feel up to it you two need to go out and celebrate!! Hopefully you can by Teddy's birthday.   Take care of yourself, Mary

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YAY! Lainey's back home!
So good to see you back on here Lainey & so pleased that your results are positive.

Sorry that Teddy's test results are a cause for concern though. All best wishes & good thoughts for your meeting with the RADman.

Val x

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Hi Lainy,

Glad to see you're back! Hope your making a good recovery!

Best wishes


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