Topic: Positive Second Opinion Results

My husband under went five weeks of IMRT radiation along with Xeloda after an unsuccesful liver resection attempt in July. He then had hi-dose brachytherapy in each of his ducts in November. His follow-up cat scan in Dec. showed no visible tumor. He had an MRI on Jan 8 th that was unclear as to whether there was a tumor. We decided to get a second opinion at the UPMC (Pittsburgh) Liver Cancer Center this past Mon. They did their own cat scan because they felt they could get better results. Their tumor board which included Liver transplant surgeons, well known surgical oncologists and radiaion oncologists etc could not see anything on their scan. They feel the tumor is gone!! Like I have said previously I don't know whether it's the prayer, the diet or the DRs. but something is working and I am so grateful. I feel so badly for each and every person on this site and just wish everyone could find something that works! Our experience now after going to 2 great University Hospitals, OSU and Pitts. is that every place has their own method of treatment and unfortunatly there is no right or wrong way. It is very confusing and extemely frustrating at times!! I just pray that as all of these different methods are being studied and documented that some kind of consensus can be reached as to what is best so everyone can benefit. Also please contact your congressmen because there is talk of cancer research funding being cut. That would be a tragedy that absolutely can not be allowed!  Thank-you , Mary

Re: Positive Second Opinion Results

What wonderful news Mary! I hope all continues to go well for you both! x