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Topic: My first godson

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My first godson. Isnt he a cutie? He is in an outfit Hans and I sent. His daddy is a BIG Glasgow Celtic soccer fan that is why it is green hoops.

He is a big baby. He came in at 54 cm and 4 kg (21.3 inches and almost 9 pounds!)

Hopefully we can head to Glasgow for a long weekend and spoil the little man. It is a very bittersweet feeling. His parents are our very good friends and we tend to do things together. As couples we met about the same time, we got married about the same time, we got our PhDs about the same time. I always expected our children to play together but I know I will nver have children now. But I am still very excited for my friend, though a little sad for myself. But he is such a cutie and I love hearing him make baby sounds when I talk to his mother over the phone.


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He is beautiful                       Janet

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Wow, he's GORGEOUS.  Many congratulations!!


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Congratulations Kris on the handsome little "dude". Ouch, he is big and I see a future Soccer player in the making. Very cute baby, thanks for sharing that with us.


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Kris,  Congratulations to you and to the happy family.  He is a beautiful baby with a lovely smile.  I hope you can get to Glasgow this weekend to spend some time getting to know him.  Thanks for sharing with us.  Darla

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Being a godmother is a very special thing, you have a very unique relationship with the baby. Little Kjartan is lucky to have such a fabulous godmother!


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What a beautiful baby!