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Can someone tell me what medicare will cover with regards to chemo, radiation, and the surgery?

If it varies by state, we are residents of Georgia.

I "think" Part B will cover 80% of any surgical procedures.    I have no clue as to the other treatments.     

What is the "average" cost for a resection? 

Difficult questions to answer, I know.    I am just trying to get a general idea of the financial impact of my wife's condition.

She has Medicare Part A and B.

Re: Medicare Coverage Question

unfortunately all I do know about medicare is that it would NOT pay the cost of a transplant for CC. They consider the transplant experimental. Luckily my mother has another full insurance policy that will pick up the bill if the surgery takes place next week. I believe Medicare has paid for everything prior to transplant, including chemo and radiation, etc.
Best of luck.

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Just out of curiousity...  what's the going rate for a kidney transplant?

Does medicare cover a resection???????

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If medicare doesnt pay for the transplant, do they at least pay for the ongoing medications?

Re: Medicare Coverage Question

Does medicare pay for a resection?  Is that considered "experimental" also?