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My name is Meghan and my Mom, June (age 63), was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma on Sept. 18th 2006. She underwent the whipple surgery at Stanford Hospital on Oct. 17th 2006. According to her surgeon, oncologist and radiation oncologist, the tumor was entirely removed, however, positive margins were still found.

She is currently going through chemo (gemzar iv infusion 1xper week for 3 wks, then 1 wk break. Then 3 more wks and another 1 wk break). She'll then do radiation at Stanford, with the possibility of another round of chemo after that. Her primary side effect from the chemo at this point in time is nausea, which is being managed by taking 3 different anti nausea meds.

My Mom always took good care of herself (through diet, working out) and so she made it through the operation fairly well. She walks on the treadmill for 45 minutes a few days per week, and we recently began doing weekly physical therapy to regain flexibility and abdominal strength.

So, that's where we're at right now. I feel optimistic, but guardedly so, because I realize the persistent nature of this type of cancer, in addition to the fact that there seems to be no known "magic bullet" to cure people long term.

I look forward to learning more from this website.


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Welcome Meghan!
Glad to hear your Mum is doing OK at the moment. There is nothing wrong in remaining optimistic! I remained optimistic since my Mum had surgery last year in June. OK, so it is back. But why spend ANY quality time you have together, worrying about when it might come back! Best to enjoy the good times while they are there, and do the bad stuff only when you have to!
Much love to you and your Mum!

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Hi, Kate.
It's good to meet you! I will definitely keep in mind what you said about staying optimistic. So many others with this disease are living life to the fullest, and I will remind myself to remain optimistic and be grateful for the fact that she is doing well today.

I am sorry to hear about your Mom. You obviously are doing a great job supporting her, learning about this disease and respecting her views/wishes.

Have a good week!