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2 weeks in hospital, 4 1/2 hour surgery, 2 days in ICU, colostomy and learning to take care of the bag. etc.  Diet still not back to normal, but now able to eat some solids and keep it down. Supposed to start chemo today with a new (to me) cocktail. Anyone had taxatier and carboplatin? Hospital called me this am because I was scheduled to start at 9, but the insurance pre-cert wasn't done yet, so they'll call me again when they get it.

I started an anti-depressent while in hospital, and I think it's helping. Tom started one, also. He had a mammogram but was told that the lump was merely fatty tissue, not a tumor. What a relief, one issue at a time is enough. He complained that the mammogram HURT! It was hard not to laugh at him, because I knew it would, but he had no idea.

Thanksgiving was great, saw all my kids last week, and my grandson, too. Had the feast at our house, but I didn't do any of the cooking. It's great to have a family that enjoys cooking. They all pitched in. We've made a start on Christmas decorations. I'm so glad I started my Christmas shopping early, because I haven't been out to the store in weeks now, but I think I'll have plenty of time to finish my shopping.

Yes, the roller-coaster ride continues, but one day at a time, I believe I'll get through it again.

I've missed you all. God bless you!
Louise smile

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Wow - what a roller-coaster, indeed!!  Welcome back, Louise!!  I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving & sound to be feeling much better.  Good Luck with the Chemo - my sister's on Gem/Cis so I don't know anything about the combination you mention.  I hope it all goes smoothly.

I'm sorry to admit I chuckled at Tom saying a mammogram hurts big_smile - but I'm glad to hear there's no problem with the lump.

My best wishes

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Re: I've had a tough 6 weeks were missed here too.  I believe that our Lisa and our JeffG had been on Taxotere however, I don't recall either being on the combo Tax/Carbo.  There are several postings which you might want to read up on by using the search function.  I am glad that you are back on the board.
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my very best wishes coming your way,


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Say, Hey, Louise. Good to see your smiling face again. Don't forget we have a date in May!!!  I feel so bad for all you went through. This healing thing is so slow! I had Thanksgiving  here for 13 and did it fault. Also had 3 guests for 4 nights and I am beat. Teddy didn't feel good all weekend and keeps running temperatures. May have to see the ONC in a day or 2, we were hoping they would go away. He does not look so good.  But you look good and glad to hear the healing is moving along. I had been wanting to loose weight but   found out at my age when you loose, your face becomes a road map. Lots of detours! Keep up the good work and I know you will keep us posted!


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Sorry for the tough period. I hate this rollercoaster we are all on. Wasnt it Patsy Cline who sang something like "Stop the world and let me off"...we all need a vacation.

Hope things settle down soon.


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I think our date has to be cancelled. Work was going to pay for the conference and travel expenses, but I'm quitting the job, so I don't expect them to pay. sad And I was so looking forward to seeing you then.

Julia, don't be sorry about the chuckling. I just didn't want to laugh in
Tom's face about it, but I was tempted. Now I think he understands why women are not in a hurry to go get an annual mammogram. I'm sure he's in no hurry to get a repeat test.

Didn't get the new chemo yet, so I'm hoping to hear from them real soon. This "hurry up already"  "WAIT, need pre-cert" "Hurry up!" "Wait" is another roller-coaster I dislike. If I don't hear from them pretty promptly at 8:30, I'll probably be calling them. I suspect dehydration, low hemoglobin and maybe other problems need to be addressed before I can start the chemo. I've experience some disorientation (What day/time is it?) and some weakness in the legs. So I'm waiting to see how this day unfolds.

Bless you all!

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Hi Louise,

So pleased to see you back but I'm so sorry you've been having such a rough time.

You take good care, Val x

Re: I've had a tough 6 weeks

Hi Louise,

Sorry to hear that you having been having a tough time. Glad to hear that you had a good Thanksgiving celebration and are getting ready for Christmas.

One day at a time indeed!

My best wishes to you and your family.


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