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Topic: xmas etc

Dear all on this site,
                              I wish you all the best festive season you are up to.It is a strange time of year for most of us.A bit of a challenge but hey we do our best.I had a very sick husband last year and this year is the 1st time without him .I am still amazed by the kindness shown to me by the local community and this lovely CC community who are just so special  Janet xxx

Re: xmas etc

Hi Janet,

Merry christmas to you too. I hope you are enjoying some sun in Oz, unlike here!

Best wishes


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Re: xmas etc

   You nailed it - it is a challenge, but - we have each other - all of us together, and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and best wishes for the year coming up.

Joyce C.

Re: xmas etc

I agree.  Yes, it is and probably always will be a challenge, but friends, family and all of the wonderful people on this site make it a bit easier.  Happy Holidays to all and the best of wishes for the coming year.


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