Topic: Happy New Year

Hello CC family,

I didn't want this year to end without wishing everyone all good things in 2010.  I also want to thank everyone for the support I have received in this year and a half since my beloved dad died.  I am convinced it was the assist from this panel that eased this part of my journey.

I have 'checked out' for awhile.  Just when I felt like smiling again, planning trips with my mom, remodels with my husband...I even felt like writing again...I found out that my mom not only has her Parkinson's Dis. to deal with, but also advanced lung cancer.  How can this be happening again so soon?

All I know is this time, I am stronger.  After all, I fought side by side with my dad through his battle with CC.

Lainy:  I think I need to be on the 'possibly' list for the get together in AZ.  It will obviously depend on mom.

Has anyone heard from Jamie D.?  I haven't seen any new postings from her at all.

Anyway,  everyone have a safe New Years and may peace be with us all.

Much love,

"Faith in something greater than ourselves enables us to do what we have said we'll do, to press forward when we are tired or hurt or afraid, to keep going when the challenge seems overwhelming and the course is entirely uncertain."     ~g. b. hinckley

Re: Happy New Year

Good to see you, Jolene! Not good to hear the news about your mom. You know, it is very true that this site is good for many things. Teddy's  ONC that I also go to now, told me that it is my involvement on this Board that has made me such a strong person and has given me the strength to take care of us both with our "rare" cancers. I will buy that. Not sure how that all works mentally but I am addicted here and rehab is out of the question as I plan to stay here, after all look at all the family I have acquired. You are such a wonderful person and I can tell you became stronger here as well. So, keep up your attitude and please keep us posted on your mom.
As for a Caretaker weekend we didn't really get enough response. Perhaps summer would be better, although its pretty hot then. But we will think about it. Great to hear from you.