Topic: Managing Grief

I receive a daily newsletter on various health topics from an organziation called Bottom Line. Today the newletter included this information on grief and thought I would share it here.

Relief from Grief and Other Sadness

Letting go of what you love is hard... whether it is the passing of a person or pet, a home where you

Re: Managing Grief

Thank you for this, Bazel.  This sounds good for stress, too.

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Re: Managing Grief


Thanks loads for this info.  I've just passed the year-and-a-half anniversary of dad's passing from CC, and my mom is sitting 5 feet from me, end stage adenocarcinoma of the lungs coupled with Parkinson's disease.  My head is splitting, and as I watch over mom, I seem to relive dad's last days over and over.

I prefer holistic approaches for relief~and do so appreciate your thoughtfulness in sharing this info.  I've wanted to try Tai Chi for years, but I am such a klutz I trip myself.


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