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Hello everybody, I haven't been here in a while, and I just wanted to let you guys/gals know about my father in law's situation.

He was diagnosed in February 14th, 2009 (Valentines days will never be the same).  He was told that the cancer is not resectable and the doc's at UPenn had to do a combination of 5FU and concentrated radiation.

The treatment beat him up really bad.  His weight dropped from 190 to 135 within the first 6 weeks.  Also with the local hospitals (not UPenn) treating him like absolute crap, resulting in unnecessary emergency room visits and infections. I am going to withhold the names of the hospitals because I do not know if it speaks for the whole hospital.

1. the last scan showed no signs of tumor.  They believe all of the abnormal signs are only scar tissues from the chemo/radiation combination
2. he is back to work.  He is a workaholic, so it makes him very happy.  I just wish that his work (he works in a power plant) wouldn't be so demanding to him. 
3. He still has pain, it is very bad in the morning especially.  He can't describe the pain very well.  He just says "I'm in pain and it aches". Do any of you know what this is? is it something we should look into?
4. His weight is up to 165 now! the doctors said that if you have an active cancer, there is noway you can gain that much
5. (side track) I grew very close to his side kick, pete

Coming from that day he received a call from UPenn with the term "5% survival rate and tumor size of a golf ball".  This has been a miracle.  I am truly grateful to god and the members of this forum that helped us prepare for the fight.

As for me, I have quit my job in Japan last august, and came back to help him fight.  Though money is tight and everybody knows the unemployment rate is terrible, I haven't regretted a thing.  I just thank god every day that he is still with us and making steady recovery.


P.S. if anybody knows of an IT position opening, please let me know! wink

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Great news! Yay!

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Great to hear the news about your father in law.. glad he is back to work and gaining weight.. great signs of improvement! I'm so glad to hear how far he has come over the last year since diagnosis!

Good luck finding a job.. funny I work at a power plant also.. in CT.. hopefully something will come through soon enough in the IT field for you..

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Tumor shrinkage and weight gain; such encouraging news to share with us.  Congratulations.
Has your father in law spoken to the radiologist regarding the pain?  I am wondering whether it is related to the radiation he had received? 
Wishing for continued success coming his way,
BTW:  Is Pete a friendly type?


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Welcome to the site that no one wants to join.  Weight Loss, in my husbands case he was a robust 180 lbs pre surgery.  After his liver resection in June 1008 for CC and his three week hospital stay he was down to 140 lbs.  After Feb. 2009 he started gaining weight back slowly but he was gaining.  He was back up to about 155 lbs.

However, He was one of the 5% that can reoccur, and presented with Jaundice in Nov 2009.  He was diagnosed with another bile duct tumor.  Inoperable and his oncologist told him to go home and get his affairs in order and 6 months. 

We decided to 'fire' that oncologist and sought 2nd and 3rd opinoins.  They could not place a stent and he now has an external drain tube to drain off the bile.  His bilirubin level climbed to an all time high of 24.7.  He underwent 28 radiation treatments and his bilirubin level is now down to 9.1.  Once they place the stent he will be able to start chemo.  He has experience a huge weight loss  with this tumor and is now down to about 119 lbs.

All I can say is that this is a terrible disease.  There are many bumps in the road and we don't know what the future will bring.  Spend time with your father in law and enjoy every moment you have with him.  I LOVE the pic of the dog!  AWESOME that your father in law has a buddy.

Prayers coming your father in laws way from Wisconsin.

Go with God and KEEP KICKIN' THAT cancer.


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Thanks for the replies every one!

We have talked to the radiologist about his pain, but we should talk to the radiologist again.  Thanks for the suggestions!

Thanks!! we are so glad we came this far, and we will keep on fightin!

That is cool that you work in a power plant.  Joe worked in Nuclear Power Plant for over 20 years and now he is in Hydro.  We think that his cancer came from the nuke. He worked with countless dangerous chemicals.

Pete is a strange creature. He is extremely lovable, but becomes scared of you for no reason at random times.  He is extremely loyal to his master (Joe).  He has problems with pooping in the house, but I always forgive him because he gives me the sad puppy eyes (I think I am being played)

Thank you so much for your prayers and you have prayers coming from Pennsylvania. It is a great sign that his bilirubin has come down so much! I know in my heart that your husband is a miracle man just like Joe and you two will make it through this.  I am so glad you guys 'fired' the previous oncologist.  Doctors should never play god, because they never know what is in your husband's heart and how much he can fight this awful demon.


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Wow! WAY TO GO:):)  In my own mind I am now calling your Father-in-law "JOE WILL"! That is such great news. We do have miracles. I would also ask the Radiologist about the pain. When Teddy had radiation last year he had some aching around the site of the radiation. Bottom line, its just great news.
By the way, it didn't take Teddy long to gain weight back either. They call it the C food diet. These guys See food and eat!!!


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Hi Joewilllive,

Thanks for sharing your father in law's good news with us, it sounds like he is doing very well indeed and I hope that this continues for him. That is really good to hear that he is back at work and I wish you every success in finding employment also. Is your father in law taking any meds for his pain in the morning and if so, are they helping?

My best wishes to you and your family,


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