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Nearly three years ago, my husband was told he had bile duct cancer.  After twenty years with PSC, the inflammation had finally wreaked havoc on his liver.  I had thought the diagnosis was a death knell.  Fortunately, he was treated at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester by Dr. Gregory Gores.  Gores is a miracle worker, and those of you who haven't heard of him should Google him right now.  Go ahead, I'll wait.

Still with me?  Good.  The Mayo Clinic is one of the few clinics that will do a transplant on someone already diagnosed with cancer.  Just because your doctor says he or she can only offer palliative care, that's not necessarily true.  Check out the Mayo Clinic first.  If the cancer has spread outside the bile ducts, then the treatment is still only palliative, even there.  But if you have caught it early, then go to Mayo.  They saved my husband's life.  He was given radiation (internal and external), chemo and had a living donor liver transplant.  Today he is stronger than ever.  A few months ago, we returned from a month long trek in the Himalayas!  There can be life after cc.  My husband is living proof.

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im......what an inspiring story you share.  The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation is grateful to have Dr. Gores is on our medical advisory Counsel and I can only concur with the statements you have made regarding his expertise and knowledge.  There always is a first on this board and your husband takes the honors of being the "First" ( that we know of) who trekked the Himalayas post liver transplant due to Cholangiocarcinoma.  Congratulations.  I like your comment:  He is living proof.   Are any longer excursions planned in your future?
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Oh Kim, what a wonderful, delightful post you sent us and welcome to our Family. Congratulations on your Miracle Man. He sure is an inspiration to all of us. I would say he has climbed 2 huge mountains!

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Hi Kim,

What a great story you have and thank you for sharing it with us all! I hope you and your husband share many more treks in the Himalayas.

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That is great news for you and your husband!  The Mayo Transplant protocol is a GREAT program.  If you make it through you have excellent survival odds - and given that he had PSC as well the new liver is just a bonus.  So happy for you both. 

I just wish more people qualified for it or there was another treatment available that is as successful!  I was in that protocol right up until the end and staging surgery found peritoneal mets - so I was taken off the protocol.


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Kim's husband's story was told in the Tacoma News-Tribune prior to his transplant in 2008:

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I love good news. I am so happy for you and your family. Hope is in the air.


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Thanks to all for the well wishes!  Yes, Gene posted a link to the story in the paper about my husband.  We are in the skiing business, and he has a bit of a following.  I am currently writing a memoir about our experience, tentativey titled, THE NEXT FIFTEEN MINUTES, in which I draw upon our lives as skiers and adventurers in order to get through his grim diagnosis.  Like any difficult situation, sometimes the only way through is in short increments--for us it was often only fifteen minutes at a time.  The future is certainly bright.  Next week, we are hosting the Olympic Games at Cypress Mountain, one of the ski areas my husband manages.  Dreams do come true!

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Congrats on your success story.  I had statistics and odds and it's nice to know that there are actual people, yes people who live very well, even after this diagnosis.

Keep on trekking.

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