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I honor of CC Month, I decided to make a list of things that I know dont cure cc so we dont have to waste any money researching these and can use our funds to find a cure.

1) Unconditional love.  I have tons of it and it isnt doing anything to shrink the tumor, though it is beneficial for the side effects.

2) Laughter.   Laughter does NOT jiggle tumors loose so you can pass them when you use the bathroom.

3) Kitty Purrs.  A purring kitty on your tummy does not produce strong enough sound waves to zap a tumor.

4) Ice cream.  Although freezing tumors is a recognised treatment option, eating ice cream does not lower the temperature of a tumor enough to kill it.

For the sake of saving research dollars, please add to the list of what we know does not kill CC.

Cancer is a word, not a sentence.

36 year old patient with buckets of hope

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Love it!! Definately true if love and laughter, and cats were  enough there wouldn't be any CC!!


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Love,laughter and cats-what an amazing feelgood combo even if it doesnt cure CC                                 Janet

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Hmmm... Maybe you just haven't had high enough doses of ice cream and kitty purrs! Doggie tail-wags could be therapeutic too-- my Sadie is sending you hundreds of them.


Peace, hope, and healing to all!

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Kris that was outstanding!!!


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Hi Kris,

Great stuff! I'm also guessing that chocolate is no cure, although perhaps it may help in other ways!

Best wishes,


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