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I am relatively new in my current job, coming up on my 1-year anniversary, and haven't forged too many relationships outside of my immediate work area. I had to coordinate a series of vendor visits that caused me to work with someone outside my immediate area.

Not sure how it really came up but I learned that the mom of the person I was working with had whipple surgery 8 years ago and remains cancer free. She told me her mom had been diagnosed is pancreatic cancer. Even though I have come to this board for more than 2 years I still remain somewhat confused by what is cc versus true liver or pancreatic cancer.

In any case I think 8 years post whipple is a huge win and thought I'd share a spot of good news.....


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Thanks for sharing. I love stuff like this.


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How fantastic.  There just aren't enough stories like this, and it's so great to hear she's 8-years post whipple.

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I heard something similar - my friend who's a junior doctor was shadowing a surgeon recently.  They came across a man who was in for a check up and it turned out he'd had a whipple for CC in 1989.  The surgeon examined him and said 'this man is disgustingly healthy, send him home!'.  Perhaps this humour only fits in the UK?