Topic: Whipple surgery

My Dad had his Whipple surgery done by Mr Menon (under Prof Lodge) at Leeds on 13th Jan.  I cannot fault the team and the care was amazing - it made me so proud to be British, that we didn't pay a penny.

If anyone needs any advice on what to expect pre and post surgery, it's very fresh in my mind.  The one thing I would say is that we were all expecting a tough operation and recovery but were not prepared for the quite high chances of recurrence, which we suddenly discovered.

I have read I think almost everything on the internet about CC (being on maternity leave, my dad is about to become a grandad for the first time!).

My dad's attitude is good, I think - he says he's remaining 'in neutral' - not too positive (only to get horrible knock backs) and yet really glad of the hope we have so far.