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Get comfortable...this is a long one:

Last Friday T went to urgent care and was told he probably had Bronchitis.
The doctor gave him a Z-Pak and yesterday instead of being better he had
chills, weakness and a 102.7 temperature. I had him taken to Emergency where they felt it was viral, not Bronchitis as his lungs and chest were clear.
They put him on a very strong antibiotic. BUT it was his LABS that upset me
more. In just 2 weeks his Billie Rubin went from .05 to 3.2 and his ALT/AST  were 250. Needless to say we were very anxious for our visit today at the Radiologist to get PET Scan results from last week. Now we are very angry. This is me angry...grrrrrrrrrr..Best way to describe this visit is to spell it out:

Radman: Scan was status quo. One tumor shrunk a little, other grew a little.
Me: Since there are 2 of them under the liver can we do cyber knife or
Rad: We already did!
Me: When?
Rad: When we did the other. Last year.
ME: He only had 1 tumor then and that was 1 1/2 years ago the other 2 were found last September.
Rad: No, they were there all the time.
Me: Never mentioned before. We had no idea! (no answer) When do you think we should do another scan?
Rad: I will leave it up to Dr. Cavalcant (ONC).
Me: Then what do you think the high counts are from?
Rad: It could be a liver infection or a blood infection and the Leviguin
should take care of it, if not you need to see Dr. Cavalcant.
Me to Myself: You won't see us again.
I decided with Robin (daughter) to go with my gut. Change Radiologist. Wait until Thursday and see if Teddy is much better and if not ask for a blood culture. If he is better we will discuss it all with the ONC at our April 30th visit. We are dumbfounded! But Robin cracked me up when she wrote this back on an update I sent family and friends:

Urgent Care -  $25

Perscriptions - $40

Emergency Room Visit - $100

Radman - Worthless

Mom's intuition - PRICELESS!!

In the end we are confused and know nothing more than we did but I shall sort it all out....


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Wow... sorry that your radiologist is so useless, but Robin is probably right - Mom's intuition is the best thing to follow and listen to right now, since it's seems it's been pretty right on so far!!
I hope Teddy starts feeling amazingly better, and it's nothing for you to worry about... I'm sure you will sort out everything, and get to the bottom of everything!
Thinking of you all....


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Robin has captured it perfectly.

I can't believe the radman can get away with casually slipping in the fact that the tumours were there all the time?!  How ridiculous. Grrrrrrrr indeed.

Hoping Teddy feels loads better, and that the next doc has a bit more to say for himself.  It must be hard when you know more than they do.

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Lainy and Teddy:

Grrrrrr is right, however it should be GRRRRRR!  (That's REALLY ANGRY!)Unfortunately we hear stories like this all the time!  Tom has had similiar experiences.   Changing the Radman may be the best thing at this point.  And that is exactly why someone fighting CC needs an advocate like you!  I'm always having to 'speak up' for Tom and remind doc's what was or was not done for him!  One doc even told me that they could not do an ERCP cause he'd had a whipple procedure..(which was not correct, he had a liver resection, not a whipple) .... don't these docs read up on patients prior to doing/scheduling a procedure??  (guess not!)

We will be pulling and praying for Teddy!

Go with God and tell him to KEEP KICKIN' THAT cancer.

Margaret and Tom

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GO WITH YOUR GUT!!!!!!  AND GET COPIES OF THE PREVIOUS SCANS!!!  If the tumors were there, it will be on the report.

I'm so glad Teddy has you as an advocate.  I'll be anxiously awaiting your next update about your experiences with the NEW RADMAN.

Hugs, prayers and warm wishes are coming your way!


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You must be soooooooo aggrevated and frustrated.  It seems your gut does a better job than the radman!  I hope you can find someone more capable and get this all sorted out.  Keep us posted.

Love & Hugs to you both.

"One Day At A Time"

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Thanks everyone! What makes it more upsetting is that this guy reads like a who's who among Radiologists. I am sure there was only one tumor in the beginning as the ONC has copies of everything and he also never mentioned more than one. Teddy seemed to be a little better last night so the Leviguin may be kicking in. We go to the ONC April 30th.  IF T is not getting better as we go along here I will call for an earlier appointment.


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Hi Lainy,

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the radiologist and I hope you manage to get another one sorted out soon. Much grrrrr indeed! Your gut instinct has worked well for you so far and I know that it will again with this issue. Glad to hear that Teddy is feeling a little better and I hope this continues.

My best wishes to you and Teddy,


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You must be so FURIOUS!!  I'm glad Teddy's feeling better & I thought Robin's assessment was absolutely brilliant!!


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