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Hello, my husband, was diagnosed at Mayo in October.  We have begun the protocol and now are planning the staging surgery and liver transplant.  My question to many of you was how you were all diagnosed.  My husband had PSC, did many of you have PSC?  Also, my husband was diagnosed via FISH and DIA with no visible tumor, no positive cytology and a normal CA 19-9.  Other than some random cholangitis he has been pretty asymptomatic.  Had he not had that routine ERCP at that particular center (who uses FISH DIA) he never would have known.  I am just curious if anyone else had a similar diagnosis. 



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Hi Kelly.  My name is Dianne.  My husband was diagnosed with CC in November 07.  He has had PSC for 13 years.  His CC was found during an ERCP to clear out a blockage in the bile duct.  He had two episodes of cholangitis so the doctors figured there must be a blockage.  While doing the ERCP, they also took biopsies which came back abnormal.  He had another ERCP in Oct. 07 and again the biopsy results were abnormal.  We then went to the Mayo in MN where they were able to make a clear diagnosis.  He's currently finishing up a round of chemo and radiation at the Mayo in MN.  He happened to develop another bout of cholangitis while out there.  He was hospitalized and they put a stent in and a drain as well.  The drain is temporary but needed to clear another area of the bile duct. 

We're hoping to get him home in time for Christmas.  My kids miss him terribly.  They are 8 and 5 years old.  This is a very tough time for everyone.  I wish you and your husband all the luck in the world!!! 


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Sorry - I just wanted some clarification of what "DIA" and "FISH" are? I'm sure it's a dumb question, but I have to ask!

PS - My mother didn't have PSC but autoimmune hepatitis which may have led to PSC but by the time they knew anything she had cc.

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My husband was diagnosed at Mayo through DNA and FISH analysis.  I don't pretend to understand it, but it is genetic testing on the cells to diagnose cancer.  Very technical stuff.  The FISH is an anacronym for Fluorescent in situ hybridization.  Some microscopic technique for looking at DNA structures.

I wish Johns Hopkins had done this test a year earlier on him.  When he was diagnosed with PSC, Hopkins told us cytology was negative, but the best testing was the DNA testing at Mayo.  I foolishly thought that Hopkins was number one and a negative cytology was good enough to not travel 1500 miles.

Sadly, I fear we're nearing the end of this awful disease and I can hardly write of the pain of watching my husband wither away.

Please keep us in your prayers.