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Visited with Doc Yesterday and he reviewed my CT Scan and said okay I would like to keep you going on this regimen and try to get 10 -12 treatments.  Of course I had already read my CT results and told him I felt it was time for a break and let my body build it's immune system back up for a while.  He replied I'm sure your counts will be back up higher enough to continue.  I replied that My body is telling me to take a break and that what I read on my scan tells me to take a break as well.  Some times the doc's read the overall impression section and don't read the full content of the radiologist doc's imput.  My scan showed very slight increase to similar in the size of nodules on the lungs ( close enough where I would say stable due to different Radiologist this time).  The mass on the liver showed decrease by .5 CM.  Also report mention slight dilation of common bile duct and liver parenchyma is slightly decreased in density. This could be chemo or disease related? All other organs unremarkable.  My focus will be high protien and anti-oxidant diet and some exercise mixed with relaxation.  Also to watch that common bile duct dilation.  I just feel slowing down on the chemo for me will slow the sludging and build up caused by to much chemo to fast.  Just my opinion.  Other than the somewhat mixed Ct report I feel great and plan on doing some yard work while my wife goes to England for a week to surprize her Mom with an 80th birthday party.  I was going to go but timing of my treatments held me back on booking a flight.  Will have to go next year instead.  That's it folks.  Any one with imput of similar reports mentioning the common bile duct dilation  and liver parenchyma  decreasing would be appreciated.  Cheerio for now.
Jeff G.

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Thanks for the update Jeff.

You're very strong and in tune with you body that you know that it's time for you to take a break.  Springtime is a wonderful time to garden.  You know that gardeners are people who believe in the future.

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I'm glad you are listening to your body Jeff, and I admire you for speaking up for yourself!
Take care and enjoy your yard work!

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Jeff, that's great that you are choosing a sensible path of treatment. I agree that too much chemo at one time can be toxic and you need time to build up your immunity again. When you are feeling good and can do some gardening, go for it!!! God bless!    ~~  Jean (Seasheller)

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Thanks so much for the detailed report...and your perspective on when to not do chemo.  You've been through a lot and gained much wisdom and discernment.  This is such a great time to be enjoying the outdoors!  I'm interested in your diet plan and will read through your other posts.  I'm encouraging my husband to get out more and follow some sort of eating plan, maybe see a nutritionist.  The oncologists are not proactive in this area.  Blessings to you!