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i have not heard from you for a while - how is your husband doing? any news on the PDT?


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Hi Jules
Last week my husband had an attack of shivering (rigors) it lasted about 20 mins; his feet were really cold and even with all his clothes on and two duvets and a hotwater bottle, he couldn't stop shivering. He had another attack the next day. he takes his temperature every day and his temperature was up (37.5 - 38 so not really high). On Monday he took a urine sample to the GP surgery, they dipsticked it immediately and said he had a urinary infection and he started on anti biotics.
At the same time, his appetite which has been good, started to decline.

We decided on Thursday to go to A & E since his temp was still high and they admitted him to hospital. He is at University College Hospital. Yesterday they changed his drains - he has internal external drains and they said that he probably has the beginnings of an infection in the bile ducts - from the 'sludge' that accumulates in the drains. His bilirubin which was 30 two weeks ago had gone up to 60.

He is still in hospital and will stay there. He is quite cheerful although he cannot take hospital food. If he is well they will start PDT treatment on Tuesday and he will be home at the weekend. I will keep you posted on how it goes.

How is your dad? Is he gaining weight and how are his spirits?

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i was sorry to learn that your husband has been admitted to hospital, however maybe it will help to push along his treatment, i can empathise with him over the hospital food, over cooked stodge is not very appetizing...would your husband not be more comfortable with stents? - my dad had great relief from the symptoms of shivering/itching/rigors after a metal stent was fitted, metal stents have a longer life and are less prone to blockage, the NHS are not keen on them as they are v expensive.  From what you have said though PDT will do the same job.  I hope it goes smoothly for you both and it is good that your husband will not have to stay in hospital too long.  He will soon be home, hopefully alot more comfortable.

My Dad is doing well, his weight is stable, he is still waiting for prof cunninghams verdict re the chemo.