Re: Remembering JeffG

Hya all  and hopefully Jeffs family I still lurk on here every week sometimes more. I came on hear and Jeff gave me so much of himself. I will never forget him or this site.

Since losing Alan my beloved lovely son in 58 days to cholangio, I have also lost my husband of 52 years.
My husband and I had been told just a month prior to Alans diagnosis that he had only one year to 18 months as he had kidney failure. He managed to hang on for an extra year. (diabetes 56yrs).

I now realise I did not have time to grieve for Alan at the time due to my husbands illness. However, after 5 long years,lots of heartache, illness and stress I realise life is getting easier. My tears still flow but I accept them as part of my love for Alan and my hubbie. Alans friends and our family planted a lovely cherry tree and provided a bench for people to sit on at our local cricket ground. My only wish for all of us is that as time goes by we will all gain peace and love in our hearts. Love and Light to you all Alan's mom


Re: Remembering JeffG

Dearest Alan's Mom, You really had so much loss in such a short time I find it remarkable but happy that you are doing so well now. What a wonderful idea to have a cherry tree planted and a bench to look at the lovely blossoms.
My Teddy passed almost 10 months ago and when I feel really down I say to myself, "Shame on you, you were so lucky to have for 16 years what most never have in a lifetime". And then I am ok again for awhile. I think we each have to find our own little niche of what works for us but keep up your good work and I send you hugs and best wishes.