Topic: Dad's disease progression - ~ 1 year after diagnosis

Hello everyone -

I am an infrequent poster so I will give brief history. My dad (64) was diagnosed with CC almost a year ago. He was diagnosed through cell brushing because there was no clear visible mass; he was however jaundiced and had back aches but after a stent was placed these symptoms reduced. In a subsequent biopsy it was determined he also had lung mets so resection was not an option. In September he started with Gemzar and did OK until he caught a severe infection in Dec. He resumed Gemzar about 4 weeks ago and had been OK again.

Today he went to the Dr. and they still see no clear mass in the region although there is some debate about his pancreatic head having a deformation - though not a clearly visible mass. Also, some of his lungs appear to have grown slightly and he also has some new ones. The Dr. Changed the regimen to Xeloda and he will start on Monday. I know many have experience with Xeloda so any experiences will be greatly appreciated.

I am really concerned about the pancreatic imaging. Has anybody had any similar experiences? At some point it was even thought the cancer might be pancreas and not CC but several Dr's have discounted it. All claim that with T4 pancreatic cancer he would not have survived this long.

Also, does anyone have experiences with lung mets and expected progression or known complications?

Overall he is doing quite well albeit being very tired and after the infection very cautious.

If anyone can share experiences it would be great.

Thank you and best of luck to all.

Amilcar, Seattle WA