Topic: A year on and longing to hug you Dad....

Today at 6.02pm a whole year has passed since we held Dad as he took his last breathe on earth....

Wow, a year, 365 days. Sometimes I close my eyes and I am back in ICU hearing the monitors and machines, and with an awful sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.My fingers so sore from keeping them crossed and willing him to wake up.... Other days it seems forever since we said Goodbye the day my Dad went down to surgery....

What I do know is I have survived and I think grown a little stronger. Yes I miss him dreadfully but also know that for him the outcome was the best one. He would not have wanted what lay ahead of him.

We have all been together as a family this past weekend, my Mum was over in England and we did what he would have expected.... We talked about him, shared memories and remembered but we also laughed too....

Remembering you, my lovely Dad. My HERO.


Katie x x

Re: A year on and longing to hug you Dad....

Hya Katie
as you say 365 days it sounds such a long time, and it is isnt it without our special family members.

All any one of us can do is to keep their memory alive, talking, sharing and laughing too.
All of Alan's friends often meet up and they literaly howl with laughter.
Alan was always late for every- thing no matter what it was.
Everyone always made appointments at least one hour earlier than required so that Alan would be on time. He told me one day he knew what they did so ended up 2 hours later.
Your HERO sounds like he was a great dad. love and light Alan's mom


Re: A year on and longing to hug you Dad....

Hi Katie,

I'm keeping you in my thoughts today.

Best wishes,


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Re: A year on and longing to hug you Dad....

Thinking of you, Katie.

I'll go on your justgiving page before you do your Race for Life this weekend.  It's never occurred to me to create a justgiving page for cc - I'll go & check out what I need to do.  I may not be able to walk far, but it's time I got back in the water & did another swimathon.  Before you get tooo impressed wink the ones I've done before have always been as part of a relay team - there's no way I could swim 5K on my own!!!

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Re: A year on and longing to hug you Dad....

Hello Katie, our thoughts go out to you at this time. What more wonderful legacy could a Dad have then to be memorialized as your dad is. Don't forget he is all around you and enjoying the memories and stories you have shared. If I didn't truly believe that, then I couldn't be so brave here about Teddy. If you have not felt him yet, you will, I promise.


Re: A year on and longing to hug you Dad....

Hi Katie,
My thoughts go out to you. I am so happy for you that your family was all together and celebrating his legacy.  We had our first holiday party without my dad who passed away Memorial Day Weekend.  While it was sad not to have dad there, we all shared so many stories and good laughs. I am sure your dad is so proud of you and your family:-)

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Re: A year on and longing to hug you Dad....

Can I just thank everyone for their kind words and thoughts, one year on.

As I say to everyone whom I welcome to this board, we truly are a family, and I look forward to continuing to offer support and guidance to our family for the foreseeable future..... smile