Topic: Cholangitis symptoms ?

I recall mention by some patients and/or caregivers as having had some bouts with cholangitis post liver resection. May I ask; what were the symptoms and what was prescribed to help with the problem?  Dawn seems to be experiencing some generalized itching, not to the extent of her original CC symptoms, but noticeable. She does not seem to be jaundice, and her recent CT and PET scans did not indicate a reoccurrence.


Re: Cholangitis symptoms ?

Richard... I would have CBC done to see if her WBCs are elavated for possible infection from inflamation.  The Lady who use to live next door had recurring bouts of cholangitis and told me when she had a bout it felt like she was all blocked up and had pain like she was passing a stone she also mention she had itchy feeling of chest and neck area with a fever and eventually would be put on antibiotic cypro(sp) due to inflamation and backed up bacteria became infected.  That's the only experience other than my own post liver resection, I use a stool softner for irritable bowel syndrome I gues they called it. Hope she feels better soon.
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Re: Cholangitis symptoms ?

My experience with a number of bouts with Cholangitis has been that the only real symptom is the onset of a fever.  I've learned to recognize early signs of fever which in my case include a tingling and super sensitivity in my skin and a mild headache.  I carry a prescription of CIPRO which I take.  Stopping the fever is key to releiving inflamation and enhancing scar tissue in the bile tubes that get infected.  The full name btw is Ascending Cholangitis.
I do have issues with itching but have never felt it was related to the cholangitis .