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Got results of my Bone Scan Yesterday.  According to the report I now have mets to the right side on the tenth rib.  Other than mild bone degeneration of spine and knees that is all they saw.  Has anyone had experience of mets to ribs or the bones?  Talked with Oncologist and he says continue treatment as is.  Going to slightly increase Xeloda a few days this cycle. Otherwise press on as usual and have CT after I complete this round # 5.  Oncologist thinks the lesion on the rib cound be from a previous tramua.  I've had a few rib smashers so we'll wait, watch and see.  As far as the pain around rib #7 I'm told that was caused from my liver inflamation that caused like a mini hernia action causing a vessel to rupture and my body absorbing the blood is what really caused the pain.  Does that make sense?  I guess, the pain has subsided pretty much.  It certainly makes you aware how vunerable you are and why everyone keeps telling me to take it easy.  Has anyone experienced any internal liver vessels popping?  Other wise my visit / checkup was normal as far as blood work and weight.  I even gained 5 lbs. Must have been those delicous Spare Ribs I barbarcued (Of COURSE I ATE A FEW) Ha! Yummy for the tummy.  Any infor on personal experience with bone mets and popping vessels of the liver would be gratefully appreciated.
Bless Ya All !
Jeff G.

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Re: Bone Scan Results

Hi Jeff,

It is good to see you in good spirits and really admire your strong spirit.  Re, your suspected bone mets, my father before his resection had a complete bone scan as well, and on right femur found one spot (at that time they did not know whether it was mets or not), but they said that they did not think so, thus they went ahead with the resection.  Every 3 months he has had it monitored and the docs have now confirmed that it is not CC met, but rather he might have had an injury when he was younger.

When doing the bone scan in the case of my dad they scanned him or magnified the imaging.  Originally on his rib there was one small spot, but that disappeared during the second scan (which is good sign). 

Hope above helps and hang in there!  My father is due to start new regiment of single infusion of GEMZAR on May 8.

Best Wishes!