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I have a story to tell and it is Crazy!  Hold on because it is quite a ride.  Some of you may know, that My Mother had surgery last Friday.  If not, she had her gallbladder removed, tumor on her bile duct and the left half of her liver.  She is do great.  What you don't know, I am having a crazy week and want to get off this carousel ride, NOW!

What happen!  Well, the day before my Mother's surgery, my Husband was admitted to the hospital too.  We had gone camping the week before and he had hurt his knee.  He has had water on the knee for about five years.  Well he knelt on a rock and puncture that water sack.  He didn't know that he did UNTIL...Thursday.  Monday, he complained that his knee hurt, but didn't know why.  Didn't think to much about it.  He is always hurting himself.  Tuesday, he said it was still hurting, and it did look the same as before. Went about our business.  Wednesday, he said, he wasn't feeling good, felt like he had beginning flu symptoms.  I told him, 'he needed to rest or he wouldn't be able to see my Mother, before or after surgery.  He didn't complain about his knee.  That night, he had a fever, sent him to bed, thinking he had the flu.  But noooo!  Thursday morning, he gets up and the leg with the water on the knee is fire engine red and swellin.  What a Shock!  After hours of nagging, (yes nagging, lots of it) I convinced him to go to the ER.  They admitted him with a serious inflection called Cellulitis.  Cellulitis is a bacterial infection of the skin and in serious cases, the infection can get into the bloodstream and affect the kidneys and other organs.  They thought, he ruptured the water sack in his knee, causing the infection.  Well, he thought they could just give him a couple of pills and send him on his way.  He said, ' he wanted to be with my Mother the next day and that was where he was going to be.'  They understood, but he had no choose but to be admitted and started on a very strong antiboditic, now.  I decided to stay with him, because he has never been to the hospital, much less admitted to one.  So, that was Thursday.  Friday, what a day.  This was the day my Mother was having her surgery.  Got up, after three hours of sleep and ran to another hospital, to see my Mother before surgery.  Thankfully the hospitals was 20 minutes apart.  My Mother's surgery was three hours and very successful.  They told us we were not going to be able to see here for three hours.  Went home took a shower, took care of the animals, gathered some things my husband would need and off to the hospital I went.  Stay there until the evening when my Mother was reported, as being in ICU now, and off I went to her hospital to peek in on her.  Then I went back to My husband's hospital, ended with staying another night with him again.  Saturday, started the same process all over again.
Now, on Friday, between my travels between two hospital, I get a phone call from my Daughter-in-law.  She is expecting her second child and she said, she had been having contractions all day.  WHAT?  My Son and her's, first child, my Granddaughter was a premie.  From the looks of things, this baby was going to be too.  She saw the doctor that day and put her on medication to stop the contractions and complete bed rest for the weekend.  I told her, 'Please, please cross your legs, listen to the doctors, because I didn't want to have to go to a third hospital, Please.  Now, let me talk to my Son.'  Told my Son the same thing, he assured me, he would take care of her, not to worry.  Not to worry!  That was all I was doing that day. Worry, worry and more worry!  Back to Saturday.  My Husband was released late afternoon.  YIPPEE!!!  We went home took showers and off to the hospital to see my Mother.  Slepted in our own bed that night.  My Husband's follow-up was yesterday and he is plan for knee surgery this Friday, as out-patient, thank goodness!  He is doing Great!  My mother is doing Great. The baby and Daughter-in-law is doing Great.  Me, not so much.  Just plain Tired.  What a Week!  Crazy Week, with more to come.  That's Life!  You just got to hold on a little tighter at times.  And let me tell you, that is exactly what I am doing.  Crazy! smile


BTW:  Talk about crazy!  After I made this post, I was walking out the door to go see my Mother and I get a text from my Daughter-in-Law.  She is now at the hospital being evaluated, having too many contractions.  She is six weeks out from her due date. So, here we go!  Decided I should put on rubber grip gloves, to hard on a little tighter.

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Christine....thanks for the chuckles of the day and congratulations, grandma.  Three family members in three different hospitals well, I think this is hard to beat.  All went well and I assume for you to have had some sleep because, you will need it.  Between watching out for Mom, your husband on crutches and the Baby you should stay busy for some time to come.  So, don't forget to take your vitamins.
Best wishes,


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Wow! That is awesome crazy! Bottom line is everyone is doing great!  Congratulations, Grandma!


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Hi Christine,

That is as you say a crazy week!!!! But I am glad to hear that it all ended well! And now i hope that you will get some well earned sleep!!!

Best wishes to everyone,


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Whooooo - it's exhausting to read!!  Must be doubly exhausting to live through a week like that smile  CONGRATULATIONS!!! big_smile

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Way to go at handling so much at one time!  AND it all worked out well.  Congratulations new Grandma too, right?  At least by now I was thinking you had a new grandchild.  It should be "easy" from now on with whatever gets thrown at you right?  Since you weathered through this fairly well.

Good luck on the upcoming week, and best wishes to all of you.


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