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Re: AIG adopts modern method to remove liver tumours

Very interesting Gavin, thanks.  And also the first time I've heard any medical person or institute mention tumors being caused from hormone use (referring to the woman who developed a "big tumour due to long-term use of contraceptive pills").


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Re: AIG adopts modern method to remove liver tumours

When I was reading journals looking for answers (and to learn about cholangiocarcinoma myself) last year, I came across an article on tumors and liver masses associated with oral contraceptives and the link to hepatocellular carcinoma.

I don't think I can attach the article here - I don't see functionality to do so - but the reference is:

From the journal "Cancer" in the July 15, 1991 issue. Volume 68. Starting on page 341 and by the PI, Liang-Che Tao. The article is titled "Oral Contraceptive-Associated Liver Cell Adenoma and Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Cytomorphology and Mechanism of Malignant Transformation".

My mom used oral contraceptives for years (actually decades...). Who knows if this is what triggered her cancer, of course. Needless to say I have no intentions of ever using hormonal therapies again and will make sure my daughter is aware of the risks particularly given her grandmother's cancer.

If anyone wants a copy of the article I have it on my hard drive and can send it. Edited to add - e-mail me through my profile because I rarely pop in here now that my mom has passed. I check in for new research updates mostly. It is too difficult still to read people's stories yet since my mom passed 3 months ago.


Re: AIG adopts modern method to remove liver tumours

I am resurrecting this thread because I found a helpful link on hepatocellular adenomas and oral contraceptives:

Adenomas are benign but this statement stood out for me:

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Re: AIG adopts modern method to remove liver tumours

Thank you
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