Topic: Taxol and Carboplatin - Has anyone been on this combination?

My wife has Cholangio and my last post regarding her was titled " A Shock for Us - and information for Everyone" on 2/28/07.  Since then, her oncologist recommended ChemoEmbolization for the now 9.5Cm metastasis in her liver, but when it was attempted on April 11, the radiologist (and a second one called in during the procedure) could find no arteries feeding the tumor that they could inject into!  Of course we're hoping this is a good development, but now it is being recommended that she again start chemo, but this time with Taxol and Carboplatin.  I have not seen this combination mentioned by anyone on the site, and am looking for anyone with experience with this! Can anyone help?
Best wishes to all, and may the Lord be with you.

Re: Taxol and Carboplatin - Has anyone been on this combination?

Hi David, 

My husband is on a trial at Ohio State of Taxol, Carboplatin and Xeloda.  After his first dose, we have figured out the Carbo pretty much knocked him out for 2 days after.  Didn't want to eat, drink and pretty much slept for 2 days.  (they have since cut the dose and he did fine the second time around)

Anyway, he's done really well on these three drugs since all the dosages have been cut.  The Taxol has the side effect of hair loss which happened to him and supposed to have basically muscle/joint aches or pain which he hasn't had.  The Carbo is was makes him a little more tired and causes him a little stomach upset for a few days but nothing bad at all.  He takes the Taxol and Carbo on Day 1, then Day 8 and 15 he only gets the Taxol then a week off.  (still on the Xeloda too)

If I can help answer anything else about these drugs I would be happy to try.  I wish your wife good luck in this fight we are all fighting here. 

God Bless,

Re: Taxol and Carboplatin - Has anyone been on this combination?


Thank you so much for the reply and information.  When we saw our Oncologist after the inability to do ChemoEmboliztion on my wife, we did learn that the metastasis in her liver had much slowed its rapid growth that occurred from late November 2006 to February 2007, now increasing only 10% from Feb. to April.  Since she was feeling so good, we asked if he thought not starting chemo again could wait a few weeks, and he said YES!  So we got ready and took our first real vacation in nearly 4 years, 3 weeks by car from the Southwest to the Oregon Coast and Seattle area!  I felt this would do her as much good- and maybe more - than starting chemo again immediately, and I think it did!  Praise the Lord!  She did great on the trip, no problems, and we had a wonderful time. 

She had a CT Scan on May 24th, the results of which we will learn at her doctors visit on June 1.  Then, depending on the results, she may be on the Taxol & Carboplatin, (but not Xeloda) which she is much dreading, although she did great on Gemzar & Oxaliplatin with very few side effects.  Therefore, your husband's experience helps very much and I am anxious to tell her.  Naturally, all of us going through this know that response and side effects are very individual, but your response gives us much hope! 

Incidentally, is your husband on a particular diet or supplements?  We have moved my wife to more natural foods, even though she always preferred vegetables & fruits, and have her on Milk Thistle with plans to add more supplements.  Our Oncologist is not much of a believer in this, but I'm hoping I can convince him to go along.

May the Lord be with both of you.  You will truly be in our prayers.